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10 Reasons to Visit London

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10 Reasons to Visit London

There are many reasons to visit London. And it’s a dream place to everyone but this list 10 Reasons to Visit London has covered fe top destination. It’s a beautiful country and exciting city with beautiful sights and attractions. It is the sixth largest French city in the world and best tourist cliché on earth. The Thames, Amazing Markets, A Hegemonic History, Ethnic Eats, Royal Watching. World Class Museums on the cheap, “Drama”, “Drama”, “Drama”, Fashion for All. Palatial Westminster and the Pubs….10 Reasons to Visit London and enjoy the wonderful and diverse city.

It is the capital of UK and is a home to many world famous tourist attractions. You can take a memorable trip up high on the London Eye, mingle with the stars at Madame Tussauds, or discover some amazing treasures at the British Museum. London has always had a famous skyline, it is continuously evolving. You can take in the skyline from a number of viewpoints; one of the best views is to look down the Thames at the skyline. Be sure to go up high one night to really experience London’s beauty. From the famous London markets to the famous Oxford Street, London has something to offer every shopper on any budget. Shopaholics will not disappoint and Reasons to Visit London if they have come to London to shop till they drop.


Here are 10 Reasons to Visit London

however they are our top attractions which are absolute necessity for any visitor to visit them You can visits London on various occasions but there will always be something new for you to enjoy. This constantly changing city means that you’ll never get bore.

1-London Eye

10 Reasons to Visit London


London’s freshest fascination and now one of its generally mainstream. And in addition being a standout amongst the most outwardly striking structures on the planet. So the London Eye offers the guest another point of view on an incredible city. London’s celebrated avenues, holy places, royal residences and landmarks spread out beneath in an all-encompassing scene developed

Up from Roman times – and, on a crisp morning sees that stretch 25 miles to Windsor Castle. An absolute necessity for all guests to London.

2-London Zoo

110 Reasons to Visit London2

The primary experimental zoological patio nurseries in the present day world, was established in 1828, and opened to people in general in 1828 as a method for financing its logical work. The Zoo’s emphasis is currently on protection and safeguarding. With more than 600 types of creatures and more than 5000 creatures this is a huge guest fascination.

3-Tower Bridge and Exhibition
110 Reasons to Visit London3

The guest can reveal its history, mysteries and appreciate shocking perspectives from its abnormal state Walkways, arranged 42 meters over the River Thames. The Walkways offer fabulous perspectives of a significant number of London’s most well-known sights. Extraordinary survey windows make photography simple. The guest can see the Victorian Engine Rooms which house the first steam motors, great machines whose colossal power once raised the bascules of the scaffold.

4-St Paul’s Cathedral

saint pauls

This heavenly building, makes by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1666. So holds its poise and magnificence despite the fact that it is currently dominates by gigantic tower squares. Additionally The entire building is delegates by an excellent focal arch which ascends to 365 ft over the ground level and is 112 ft. in distance across.

Around the inside of the arch is the renowned Whispering Gallery, where a message whispered into the divider on one side can be plainly heard 112 ft. away on the other side.

5-Royal Naval College

visit Royal Naval College

This is the immense florid perfect work of art of English engineering, set in finished grounds on the River Thames in the focal point of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site.


6-Regal Observatory, Queens House and National Maritime Museum

Regal Observatory, Queens House

The Maritime Greenwich World Heritage site envelop every one of the three structures. The Observatory characterizes the prime meridian of longitude as 0º. You can see the Astronomer Royal’s lofts, the 1833 time ball and Harrison’s timekeepers. The exhibition hall has 20 displays that take after Britain’s history of marine.

7-Tower of London

10 Reasons to Visit London


A standout amongst the most acclaimed and all around saved verifiable structures on the planet. The White Tower was likewise the most dazzling, and startling structure to the Anglo-Saxon individuals who were attempting to get used to the principle of their new Norman lord following 1066.

8-Hampton Court Palace

10 Reasons to Visit London4

This Palace is spot on the edge of London and is a standout amongst the most celebrated structures on the planet. Containing more than 1000 rooms.  It turned into the King’s most loved living arrangement and is nearly connected with Anne Boleyn (mother to the later Queen Elizabeth). The Palace is loaded with precious works of art, woven artworks and furniture and set in brilliant greenery enclosures along the edge of the River Thames and has the world renowned labyrinth.

9-British Museum

10 Reasons to Visit London4

With more than 4 million displays this is Britain’s most prevalent gallery The British Museum, established in 1753, contains world-celebrated accumulations of relics from Egypt, Western Asia, Greece and Rome, and also Prehistoric and Romano-British, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern and Oriental accumulations; Prints and Coins Medals and Bills. The Museum’s accumulations number some six-and-a-half million items running in size from shreds to titanic statues. 10 Reasons to Visit London ends here There are 94 perpetual and interim show exhibitions showing Museum objects.


10-Buckingham Palace

changing Guards to see

Changing the Guard Buckingham Palace because its a must see Event Maybe the best known of all London’s Royal services, changing the Guard happens on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace consistently, Sundays included, at 11.30am. Troops from the Brigade of Guards, the Monarch’s own bodyguard, partake in the function.

These 10 Reasons to Visit London will help you better decide and short list few famous travelling destination for your journey when you are visiting London


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