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Short Taxi rides to get cheaper in London


Base taxi fares for short rides to get cheaper in London


E Airport Transfers is base fare for short and long taxi rides in London. We will get you cheaper Taxi booking Online. The new rate, applied to cabs in London suburbs and cities sets the initial fare The new fare will match the cheapest taxi fares and booking online will become less expensive when traveling short or longer trips. In other words, short trips will become cheaper.


“Using a taxi in London has been pricey for short-distance travelers when compared to other making the rate closer to that of other foreign cities, we hope to attract more foreign tourists in London to use our service.”


The road transportation law stipulates that taxi operators need to gain approval from the transport ministry to change fares. About 70 percent of taxi operators in London have jointly urged the government to lower the base fare.


People said the change would not greatly affect the revenue of taxi operators, because the fare for long-distance travelers will make up for the reduced rate on shorter rides.


“Conventionally, taxis have been used mainly by business people. But as the population continues to age, we wanted our service to become more accessible for various customers” such as the elderly and parents with small children, he said.


Meanwhile, some taxi drivers worry that the change will directly hit their wallets.


Many taxi drivers get paid on a commission-based system … If their sales decrease in suburbs, they will have to come to the city, and that causes excessive competition, he said, adding that an influx of taxis would cause traffic jams and exacerbate air pollution in metropolitan Tokyo.


Why ride with just our taxi service and you can get a drive from the experienced and friendly drivers at E airport Transfers based in London.


E airport Transfers has been getting customers to their destinations on time and affordably for more than 5 years. It is a Professional-run operation, so you can expect the kind of service that comes from a business that is a respected part of the community.

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